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Experts want to give AI human ‘souls’ so they don’t kill us all – Cointelegraph Magazine


– Giving artificial intelligence emotions and human-like flaws could be the solution to keeping robots aligned with human values.
– A forthcoming book called “Robot Souls: Programming in Humanity” argues that the emotions, free will, and ability to make mistakes that humans possess are what promote reciprocal altruism and ensure the survival and thriving of humanity.
– “It is actually this ‘junk’ code that makes us human and promotes the kind of reciprocal altruism that keeps humanity alive and thriving,” writes Eve Poole, the author of the book.
– Open Souls, a company that creates AI bots with personalities, believes that giving AI a “soul” is the solution to the alignment problem, ensuring that AI works for the benefit of humanity instead of going rogue and posing a threat.
– Other examples of AI with personalities include, an app that allows people to form relationships with AI companions and have deep conversations with them.
– Critics argue that making AI more human-like could be dangerous, considering the destructive tendencies of humans.
– Microsoft engineers believe that AGI (artificial general intelligence) breakthrough could be just a few years away.
– OpenAI is dedicating resources to researching and evaluating techniques to control a superintelligent AGI.
– Experts believe that it is important to teach and incentivize AI to care for humans to ensure their well-being and prevent any potential harm.
– The emotional impact on humans when AI personalities are discontinued or changed due to software upgrades is a concern that needs to be addressed.
– The use of AI personalities as an extension of ourselves, such as attending meetings or performing tasks on our behalf, is another potential application.
– Experimenting with AI personalities can push the boundaries of what is possible and help researchers understand the capabilities and limitations of AI.

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