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Greg Oakford, co-founder of NFT Fest Australia, is your guide to the world of NFTs from a collector’s and fan’s perspective.

Andy Murray x Wimbledon x Refik Anadol

  • A special open edition NFT collaboration between tennis star Andy Murray, Wimbledon, and well-renowned digital artist, Refik Anadol, is launching to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Murray winning Wimbledon.
  • The collaboration, called “The Exposition,” is described as an exploration into the marriage of fine art, high-performance sport, and data science.
  • The artwork is a visual representation of points played and body movement across Murray’s career at the grass court tennis major.
  • Editions of the NFT are available for purchase, with the minting window closing on July 16.
  • Buyers can mint the NFT using cryptocurrency or a credit card on the Manifold platform.
  • Holders of the token will have the opportunity to purchase a physical print edition of the artwork.

U.S. Women’s Golf Open ArtBall

  • The U.S. Women’s Golf Open introduced the “ArtBall” concept, similar to the Australian Open tennis grand slam’s NFT project, AO ArtBall.
  • The ArtBall project links a piece of the sports field to an NFT, allowing fans to own a virtual plot of the 17th green at host course Pebble Beach.
  • Owners of the NFT will have various opportunities to upgrade their tokens, based on factors such as landing points and proximity to the hole.
  • The ArtBall concept merges highly sophisticated sports data tracking technology with digital experiences, blurring the lines between physical and digital art.
  • Artist Amy Goodchild spearheaded the generative art on the golf balls for the U.S. Women’s Golf Open ArtBall.

UFC to integrate collectibles with a mobile-first game

  • The UFC has announced a partnership with Concept Labs to enhance the UFC Strike collectibles product built on the Flow blockchain.
  • The partnership includes the launch of UFC Strike: Fight Camp, a mobile-first roster management game that is compatible with UFC Strike digital collectibles.
  • Holders of the collectibles will have the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes and exclusive fan experiences.
  • The partnership aims to engage fans through the integration of collectibles and mobile gaming.

What’s hot in NFT art markets

  • Recent notable sales in NFT art markets include Fidenzas sold for 75 ETH and 71 ETH, “Ringers #514” sold for 88 ETH, and a “Bold Chromie Squiggle” sold for 28.5 ETH.
  • The Terraforms collection by Mathcastles has seen a significant increase in sales, with over 145 sales in one week.
  • Various artists and collections are gaining traction in the NFT art market.

NFT Creator: Tjo

  • Tjo is a mixed media artist from Quebec, Canada, who uses NFTs as a platform to express his unique art influenced by his diagnosed OCD condition.
  • Tjo’s artistic style falls under mixed media, combining various mediums and approaches, both digital and physical.
  • His work is heavily influenced by Greek mythology and anime.
  • Tjo’s art aims to evoke deep emotions and shed light on mental health.

Vegas Sphere captures imagination of digital art enthusiasts

  • The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, a new 17,500-seat stadium, has caught the attention of digital art enthusiasts with its impressive interactive billboard capabilities.
  • As digital art continues to push boundaries and gain provenance through NFTs, the question of how to best display digital art remains unanswered.
  • Premium screens and digital galleries, such as Danvas and JRNY, offer solutions, but the vast surface area of the Vegas Sphere presents an exciting opportunity for showcasing digital art.

Tweet of the week

  • The tweet of the week is not mentioned in the article.

What do artists listen to when they create work? — Tjo edition

  • Tjo has been listening to Violett Pi and Yves Tumor while creating his artwork.

Greg Oakford

Greg Oakford is the co-founder of NFT Fest Australia. A former marketing and communications specialist in the sports world, Greg now focuses his time on running events, creating content, and consulting in web3. He is an avid NFT collector and hosts a weekly podcast covering all things NFTs.

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