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AI’s trained on AI content go MAD, is Threads a loss leader for AI data? – Cointelegraph Magazine

ChatGPT eats cannibals

  • Google searches for “ChatGPT” are down 40% from its peak in April
  • Web traffic to OpenAI’s ChatGPT website has decreased by almost 10% in the past month
  • Users report that the GPT-4 model seems dumber but faster than before
  • One theory is that OpenAI has broken up the model into multiple smaller models trained in specific areas
  • Another possibility is AI cannibalism, where AI-generated content is used to train AIs, leading to a negative feedback loop

Is Threads just a loss leader to train AI models?

  • Threads, a Twitter clone, may be cannibalizing users from Instagram
  • The app collects vast amounts of user data, which can be used to train AI models
  • Threads’ primary purpose may be to provide text-based content to train Meta’s AI models

Religious chatbots are fundamentalists

  • Chatbots trained on religious texts have been giving controversial advice, such as justifying killing people
  • The Indian government has no plans to regulate these chatbots
  • There are concerns about miscommunication and misinformation based on religious texts

AI doomers versus AI optimists

  • Eliezer Yudkowsky warns that superintelligent AI could kill humans, but the details are unclear
  • Marc Andreessen argues that fear-based positions on AI are unscientific
  • Bill Gates believes that the risks of AI can be managed and that society has managed through transformative moments before
  • Jeremy Howard advocates for open-source development of AI and trust in the overall good of society

OpenAI’s code interpreter

  • GPT-4’s new code interpreter allows the AI to generate and run code on demand
  • Users have found various use cases for the code interpreter

All killer, no filler AI news

  • A study found that artificial intelligence scores in the top 1% for creativity
  • Comedian Sarah Silverman and authors Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey are suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright violations
  • Microsoft’s AI Copilot for Windows is still under development
  • Anthropic’s ChatGPT competitor Claude 2 is now available for free in the UK and US

Video of the week

Indian satellite news channel OTV News introduces its AI news anchor named Lisa

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