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Hall of Flame – Cointelegraph Magazine

  • Scott Melker, also known as The Wolf Of All Streets, has over 900,000 Twitter followers.
  • Melker takes responsibility for his tweets and refrains from sharing content that may have an impact on the market.
  • Twitter became less enjoyable for Melker once his follower count reached 100,000, as he had to deal with trolls.
  • Due to the large number of followers, Melker limits his tweets to Bitcoin and inspirational quotes.
  • Prior to his involvement in the crypto space, Melker had a successful career as a DJ and started his own magazine called 101 Magazine.
  • His interest in crypto trading began when he noticed DJs trading cryptocurrencies.
  • He primarily traded altcoins to make money and support his family.

Scott Melker gained popularity on Twitter by posting about his successful trades and sharing charts. However, he wanted his account to represent more than just trades, so he transitioned to a more holistic approach to his content.

His content focuses on providing educational and informational material about the crypto market. Melker’s follower count grew significantly during previous bull markets, but he is no longer able to respond to every comment or message due to the overwhelming number of them.

Melker dislikes being labeled as an “influencer” and considers himself a student of crypto. He believes in sharing important information and filtering out noise to keep his followers informed about the market.

There are two notable beefs Melker has had on Twitter. One is with Gary Gensler, the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Melker disagrees with Gensler’s regulatory actions regarding cryptocurrencies, which he sees as an overcorrection.

The second beef involves accusations from ZachXBT, who accused Melker of pumping and dumping shit coins. Melker denied the claims and decided to avoid tweeting about projects with small market caps.

Regarding price predictions, Melker believes that making predictions can make someone look foolish. However, he is bullish on Bitcoin hitting six figures in the next bull run, with a potential range of 100,000 to 250,000. He also expects a significant market decline before reaching half a million.

Melker does not want to live in a world where Bitcoin is a million dollars, as that would indicate a dystopian future. Nonetheless, he hopes to see Bitcoin reach a million dollars in the next couple of decades.

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