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Hervé Larren on Bitcoin, Apes and the psychology of ‘blue-chip’ NFTs – Cointelegraph Magazine

– In 2013, Hervé Larren made his first Bitcoin transfer to send money to his Venezuelan mother during a period of hyperinflation.
– Larren co-founded a large-scale crypto mining operation and worked with Grayscale to bring crypto assets to traditional investors.
– Larren became a key adviser to ApeCoin and the first person to bid a million dollars for an NFT.
– Larren believes that owning Bitcoin and other crypto assets through a financial instrument is preferable for most people, as it reduces the risk of hacking and loss of access to keys.
– Larren is optimistic about the approval of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, as it would lead to an automatic rise in Bitcoin’s price.
– Larren describes NFTs like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks as “blue-chip” assets in the NFT community.
– Larren believes that the value of metaverse land will depend on the income generated with it, similar to traditional real estate.
– Larren is passionate about building on top of Bitcoin with BRC-20s and Ordinals, hinting at something big in the works.
– Larren sees the Bitcoin chain holding a key position in the coming metaverse as a central pillar.
– Larren believes that in the Web3 era, it’s important to anticipate how consumer taste will evolve and what the market will want in the future.

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