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Binance denies reports of $90B in crypto trades in China

– Binance reportedly continues operations in China, despite the country’s ban on cryptocurrencies.
– The Wall Street Journal claims that internal figures revealed users traded $90 billion in cryptocurrency-related assets in China through Binance during a one-month period.
– Binance denies conducting any business in China and states that its website is blocked and inaccessible to China-based users.
– Binance has been previously accused of maintaining ties with Chinese customers even after the country’s ban on crypto.
– Binance faced operational turmoil from regulators worldwide, including Belgian authorities asking them to cease all digital currency services in the country and withdrawing its crypto license application in Germany.
– Binance has not commented on recent reports alleging the potential closure of its United States arm.
– Despite the challenges, Binance launched trading operations in Japan with a warm welcome from local financial authorities.

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