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1,005 BTC mined in 2010 on the move

– A Bitcoin (BTC) wallet containing 1,005 BTC mined in 2010 has been reawakened.
– An anonymous user has moved the long dormant coins to new addresses through several transactions.
– The wallet was initially flagged by Kirill Kretov, a blockchain researcher, developer, and cryptocurrency trader.
– The wallet statement shows that the 1,005 BTC was valued at just $328 when it was received in 2010, but is now valued at over $29 million.
– Some in the cryptocurrency community have questioned whether Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is behind the transaction.
– Kretov believes that the wallet could be controlled by a long-term holder or entity associated with previous dormant Bitcoin awakenings.
– The researcher suggests that the holder may be selling the Bitcoin in an over-the-counter transaction.
– Kretov’s research archives have only flagged three other awakenings of 1,000 BTC or more.
– In one instance, 1,000 BTC from two wallets mined in 2011 was moved in December 2021.
– Another dormant BTC wallet holding over 1,037 coins also recently transferred its funds to a new address.

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