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Cointelegraph Magazine: Web3 Gaming Explored

Blockchain gaming needs its own ‘EVO Moment 37’?

  • The Web3 gaming ecosystem needs a viral and inspiring moment to capture mainstream attention.
  • Developers should go beyond visuals and rewards to create a “wow” moment in their games.
  • The fighting game community was captivated by the “EVO Moment 37” in 2004, highlighting the power of memorable moments in gaming history.

Om Nom enters the metaverse

  • ZeptoLab, the studio behind Cut the Rope, partners with The Sandbox to bring the game’s character, Om Nom, into the metaverse.
  • Players can explore a virtual world inspired by Cut the Rope and discover the origin story of Om Nom.

Axie builders get the Greenlight

  • Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, introduces Mavis Hub: Greenlight, a program for developers to share their early game builds with the community.
  • Players can playtest and vote for their favorite Axie Builder’s Program games, driving competition between developers.

$150K inducements to join the dark side

  • Layer-1 blockchain network Aelf launches the Aelevate program, offering grants of up to $150,000 per Web2 studio to transition to blockchain technology and create games on the Aelf network.
  • Aelf aims to break into the gaming world, capitalizing on the projected growth of the blockchain gaming market.

Hot Take – Nitro Nation: World Tour

  • Mythical Games’ Nitro Nation: World Tour is a free Web3 drag racing game on mobile with simple gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics.
  • Players can upgrade and tune their cars, customize their gameplay experience, and compete in drag races.

More from crypto gaming space:

  • Bandai Namco collaborates with Oasys and Attructure to create an AI-enhanced virtual pet game featuring NFT-based digital creatures.
  • Amazon Prime Gaming partners with Mojo Melee to offer exclusive drops to Amazon Prime members.
  • Mahjong Meta, a Web3 Mahjong game, goes live after its open beta phase.
  • Wreck League collaborates with Yuga Labs to host Yuga-themed mech NFTs.
  • Dininho, an NFT-based open-world social MMO game, releases on Arbitrum.

About the author:

Erhan Kahraman is a freelance writer and content creator based in Istanbul. He has a background in gaming journalism and focuses on cutting-edge technology and video games.

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