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DeFi protocols Exactly, Harbor hacked in separate attacks

– Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols Exactly and Harbor were exploited in two separate attacks on August 18.
– Exactly Protocol had 4323.6 Ether (ETH) stolen, worth nearly $7.3 million at the time of writing. The hackers transferred a portion of the stolen funds to other protocols.
– Harbor, an interchain stablecoin protocol, also experienced an attack resulting in the loss of funds. The exact amount stolen is currently unknown.
– These attacks are part of a series of security incidents in the DeFi ecosystem in recent weeks, including exploits on Curve Finance, Earn.Finance, and Zunami Protocol.
– Exactly Protocol has filed a police report and is attempting to communicate with the attackers to recover the stolen assets.
– Harbor is working on tracing the funds and assessing the total losses incurred.
– The DeFi industry continues to face security challenges, highlighting the importance of strong security measures and protocol audits.


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