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Exploring Giant Swan’s Gothic Virtual Reality Worlds: A Royalty Nightmare on OpenSea – Cointelegraph Magazine

– Giant Swan is a successful digital artist known for his unique and immersive virtual reality (VR) art pieces.
– He was the first artist to put a 3D object on the blockchain and has gained attention from collectors worldwide.
– Giant Swan’s art aims to create dreamlike experiences for viewers and elicit strong emotions.
– He uses VR technology to shape and color his art, allowing for a more organic and immersive digital art form.
– Some notable sales of his artwork include “Anomaly272,” which sold for 15 ETH, and “The Soul of the void,” which sold for 14.3 ETH.
– Giant Swan draws inspiration from artists like Ashley Wood and Jamie Hewlett, and he values the experience of his art, similar to the way the Gorillaz CDs provided hidden content for listeners.
– He recommends Melbourne artist Mysterious Al as an up-and-coming artist to watch.
– Giant Swan is proud to have collectors like Pranksy, j1mmy.eth, Josie, Whale Shark, Moderats Art, and Deej who saw value in his work before it became expensive.
– His favorite NFT in his wallet is a pair of shoes for Cryptovoxels made by n0shot.
– Tyler Hobbs and Yuga Labs have also had notable sales in the NFT art market recently.
– OpenSea’s decision to make creator royalties on secondary sales optional has received backlash from creators and collectors.
– Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, may respond with their own marketplace.
– A 13-year-old artist named Lilpurpberry has partnered with Variety children’s charity to support disadvantaged kids through NFT sales.
– The funds raised by Lilpurpberry’s Blueberry DAO and Nouns DAO are used to provide brand new bikes to kids in need.
– A tweet from Mark Cuban criticizes OpenSea’s decision, and Yuga Labs also expresses disappointment.
– The article concludes with a Tweet of the Week feature.

Author: Greg Oakford
Source: [Cointelegraph Magazine](

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