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Review: Sunflower Land, a Bitcoin Casino Powered by Web3 and Owned by a GTA Gamer

  • Mobile gaming giant Zynga is owned by Take-Two Interactive, which also owns Rockstar Games.
  • Zynga is making its Web3 debut with a new franchise called Sugartown.
  • Web3 gaming adoption and developer challenges were discussed at Istanbul Blockchain Week.
  • The Web3 community needs to focus on creating fun and engaging games.
  • Bitcoin casino Sunflower Land offers basic casino games and NFT trading.
  • Sunflower Land is built on Polygon and played via a browser.
  • Seeds and plants in the game have different in-game values.
  • The game features a skill tree and mini-games for entertainment.

Fun fact: mobile gaming giant Zynga is owned by Take-Two Interactive, the same company that also owns Rockstar Games, which is behind ultra-popular video game series like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and NBA 2K.

Now Zynga is making its Web3 debut with a new franchise.

Best known for its FarmVille series, Zynga has created an offshoot studio called Zynga Web3 (or ZW3) and announced Sugartown. It’s a cross-media world that will be more like a Web3 gaming platform than a single title. The cute cartoonish animals featured in the teaser video give clues that there might be more than video games in the works.

For now, though, the only thing that’s confirmed is that Sugartown will launch an NFT collection called Oras, and they will be required to participate in upcoming games within the universe. ZW3 said the franchise is working with different communities to allocate allowlists for the NFTs. 

If this platform becomes successful, perhaps it could give the green light for some of those big titles from the same company to jump into Web3?

Why aren’t Web3 games adopted as much as traditional games? That was one of the subjects talked about during a Web3 gaming panel at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023. The panel mainly focused on Web3 gaming adoption, the problems of Web3 gaming and the developer side of things.

Curator Studios co-founder Uluç Yuca’s answer stood out in particular as I sincerely believe it expressed the thoughts of many traditional gamers – including myself – toward the big problem with Web3 gaming.

He started his speech by asking the audience how many Web3 gamers there were. There were a few hands raised. “And this is a blockchain event!” he commented, then asked how many traditional gamers there were. There was a significant increase in the number of hands raised. He pointed out there are 3 billion traditional gamers in the world and only 15 million Web3 ga…

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