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Cointelegraph Magazine: Exploring the Hall of Flame

– Irina Heaver, a prominent crypto lawyer, warns altcoiners who send her death threats that she has guns at home and will defend herself.
– Heaver blames memecoin founders for fueling the fiery users on Crypto Twitter and claims they encourage their followers to send threats and intimidate people.
– She works with law enforcement to bust scammy memecoin projects.
– Heaver used to work as a lawyer in the oil and gas industry before entering the crypto industry in 2016.
– She brought her old Twitter account back to life around a year ago and now has 41,200 followers.
– Heaver’s content on Twitter is a blend of meaningful analysis and fun and easygoing content.
– She finds political commentary more interesting than tracking crypto prices and believes that broader political decisions hold greater significance.
– Heaver predicts that major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase will settle lawsuits with the SEC without acknowledging any wrongdoing.
– She has inside knowledge of how the SEC operates from her time in the oil and gas industry.
– Heaver anticipates that the SEC will leave major exchanges alone after the settlements, as they rely on such cases for funding.
– Coinpostman Magazine article written by Ciaran Lyons, an Australian crypto journalist and comedian.

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