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3 key Ether price metrics suggest that ETH is gearing up for volatility

– Ether’s price experienced a critical test when it dropped to the $1,530 support level, but it has since staged a recovery of 6%.
– Macroeconomic factors, such as inflation and government debt, are mitigating investor pessimism.
– Regulatory uncertainty and high network fees are limiting investors’ appetite for Ethereum.
– The Ethereum network has seen a decline in smart contract activity and high average fees.
– Some decentralized applications on Ethereum have experienced a decrease in active addresses, except for the Lido liquid staking project.
– There are concerns about centralization and the dominance of services like Lido.
– Ether futures have shown reduced interest from leveraged long positions.
– The options market can confirm market sentiment, with the 25% delta skew indicating traders’ leanings.
– The Ether 25% delta skew briefly shifted to a bullish stance but returned to a similar premium for both call and put options.
– Ether has potential catalysts, but dwindling DApp usage and regulatory uncertainties could exert downward pressure on its price.

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