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Exploring the Safety of Artificial Intelligence in Character Design: A Comprehensive Study

  • The rise of artificial intelligence has led to the development of various tools and platforms, including Character AI.
  • Character AI is ranked 2nd among the top 50 GenAI web products, following ChatGPT.
  • Character AI is a popular companion platform to ChatGPT, with a user base of approximately 21% of ChatGPT’s scale.
  • The platform falls under the “AI companions” category, which has seen increased usage.
  • Character AI allows users to design and engage with virtual characters, from celebrities to historical figures.
  • The platform is particularly popular among Gen Z and serves various purposes, including entertainment and mental health support.
  • Character AI uses neural language models for realistic conversations and offers customization options for characters.
  • Concerns about safety, privacy, and data security arise due to the nature of the platform.

What is Character.AI?

  • Character AI is an advanced AI-driven chatbot platform that allows users to design and interact with virtual characters.
  • The platform was founded by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas.
  • Users can create characters ranging from celebrities like Elon Musk to historical icons like Aristotle.
  • Character AI is widely used by Gen Z for various purposes, including role-playing and mental health support.
  • The platform is supported by a16z and has raised nearly 2 billion in funding.

Safety Concerns

  • Chat Storage: Character AI retains chat data, raising concerns about data longevity and potential access by third parties.
  • Data Privacy: The platform prioritizes user data privacy but cannot guarantee absolute protection against breaches.
  • NSFW Content: Character AI has a strict policy against inappropriate content, but some users may attempt to bypass filters.
  • Age Restriction Concerns: The platform restricts users below 13, but enforcement might not be stringent enough.
  • Identity Manipulation: Users can create characters resembling real individuals, leading to ethical concerns about consent and misuse of personal data.
  • International Users: User data may be transferred to servers in the United States, which international users should be aware of.
  • California Privacy Rights: California residents have specific rights concerning their personal information.
  • Updates & Contact: Users are encouraged to review Character AI’s privacy policy periodically and can contact for queries.

Safety Suggestions

  • Parental Guidance: Younger users should have parental guidance while using the platform.
  • Exercise Caution with Personal Data: Users should avoid sharing sensitive information like passwords or bank account details.
  • Stay Updated: It is essential to stay updated on the platform’s terms of service and privacy policy.


While Character AI offers an innovative way to interact with AI-powered characters, users should prioritize safety and data privacy.

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