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Barcelona graffiti artists share their love for Bitcoin

– A pair of graffiti artists from Barcelona called Street Cy₿er have been creating Bitcoin street art in various locations across Europe.

– Street Cy₿er aims to raise awareness about the cryptocurrency and deliver powerful statements about the failures of the traditional financial system.

– The artists believe that Bitcoin can help create a fairer world and promote peace and freedom.

– Some of their artwork includes messages such as “Buy Bitcoin, defund the state,” “Make war unaffordable,” and “Print books, not money.”

– Street Cy₿er also appeals to cartoon lovers by incorporating Bitcoin symbols with characters like Mario and Ronald McDonald.

– The team has recently launched a project called “Bitcoin: The Art of Revolution” in Barcelona, which will host exhibitions, workshops, and classes.

– Other creative ways of spreading awareness about Bitcoin include projecting the Bitcoin logo on prominent buildings and using stickers in public spaces.

Bitcoin logo around the world

– In Frankfurt, Germany, the Bitcoin logo was projected on the European Central Bank, drawing attention to the cryptocurrency.

– Berliner Fernsehturm, Germany’s tallest building, also featured a Bitcoin logo projection.

– Bitcoin street art with a Spartan character was spotted in Hong Kong and gained admiration from cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

– Advocates like “Stuff4btc” have been spreading the message by putting Bitcoin stickers in public places.

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