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Industry leaders and policymakers weigh in on a potential US gov’t shutdown

• The US government is heading towards a potential partial shutdown starting on October 1.

• A government shutdown would halt all nonessential activities of federal agencies and departments.

• Crypto bills may be put on hold and financial regulators would operate with limited staff during a shutdown.

• Congressional priorities and attention may shift away from crypto and other issues could arise.

• Lawmakers have voted on several crypto-focused bills, but no action can be taken during a shutdown.

• Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has voiced opposition to a government shutdown.

• Democratic and Republican lawmakers have criticized each other regarding oversight of the SEC and government funding.

• The longer the shutdown, the less time Congress has to vote on crypto-related proposals.

• The price of Bitcoin has dropped below $27,000, while the price of Ether has increased above $1,600.

• The SEC’s decision to delay spot Bitcoin ETFs has not affected the price of Bitcoin.

• Firms have announced their intention to launch ETFs tied to Ether futures in October.

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