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Brazil rolls out blockchain-based digital ID

Key Points:

  • Over 214 million Brazilians will soon be using blockchain technology for digital identity.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, and Paraná will be the first states to issue identification documents on-chain through a private blockchain developed by Serpro, Brazil’s national data processing service.
  • The entire country should be able to issue identity documents through blockchain technology by November 6.
  • The national ID project is crucial in targeting organized crime and allowing government sectors to work together, offering a simpler way to access services, and streamlining administrative records.

Over 214 million Brazilians will soon have access to blockchain technology for their digital identities, according to a recent announcement by the Brazilian government. The states of Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, and Paraná will be the first to issue identification documents using a private blockchain platform developed by Serpro, the country’s national data processing service. The government aims to make this technology available nationwide by November 6. The decision to use blockchain for digital identity was driven by its immutability and decentralization, which enhance data security and prevent fraud. This initiative is part of Brazil’s larger effort to unify identity issuance across its 30 states. The digital ID system will help combat organized crime, improve interdepartmental collaboration, simplify service access, and streamline administrative records.

Another important development in Brazil is the upcoming launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) called Drex. The government has shared more details about the project and has plans to expand business access to capital through tokenization. However, there have been concerns about the Drex code, which allows a central authority to freeze funds or reduce balances, potentially giving too much power to the government.

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