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How Vérité is Putting Fans First with Web3, Music NFTs and Community Building – Cointelegraph Magazine

– Carving out a sustainable career as an independent musician can be challenging.
– Technology, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs), has offered new opportunities for musicians.
– Vérité, an independent singer, has achieved success without a record label.
– She has embraced Web3 and NFTs, building a strong community and experimenting with different uses for them.
– Vérité cautions against over-relying on Web3 and advises diversifying revenue streams.
– She emphasizes protecting and respecting fans, encouraging them to participate in Web3 activities only if they are fully educated and willing.
– Vérité acknowledges that not all fans are interested in Web3 and offers an optional approach to integrate blockchain technology into the fan experience.
– By prioritizing her fans and their experiences, Vérité has been able to navigate the intertwining worlds of music and Web3 successfully.
– Her long-term vision is to use blockchain to create transparent communication and reward systems between artists and their supporters.

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