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Friend​.tech copycat Stars Arena patches exploit after some funds drained

– The Stars Arena Web3 social media app on Avalanche experienced a malicious attack leading to the loss of some funds.
– A user named Lilitch.eth discovered the exploit and reported it on X (formerly Twitter), stating that over $1 million was lost.
– The Stars Arena team confirmed the attack and called it a “war” against the app, but stated that only about $2,000 in losses occurred and that the exploit has been patched.
– Stars Arena is similar to and allows users to buy “shares” which are tokenized assets issued by content creators.
– Avalanche has seen increased activity since the launch of Stars Arena, with the network’s daily transaction count rising by over 186%.
– Lilitch.eth publicly announced that large amounts of money were being drained from Stars Arena due to the exploit and encouraged users to sell their shares.
– Some users accused Lilitch.eth of spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and claimed that the exploit was not profitable for the attackers.
– The Stars Arena team responded by stating that the exploit has been fixed and that the attackers were attempting to discredit the app with coordinated FUD.
– Lilitch.eth denied the claims made by the team and stated that attackers stopped when gas prices became too high to make the attack profitable.
– The conflict between Lilitch.eth and the Stars Arena team has been resolved, and Lilitch.eth now supports the app.
– users have been facing SIM-swap attacks, and the team has implemented measures to combat the problem.

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