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Matt Kane: How Personal Tragedy Fueled a Pioneering NFT Artist – Cointelegraph Magazine

– Digital artist Matt Kane transitioned from traditional art to digital art to better realize his vision.
– Kane’s most famous collection is “Gazers,” followed by “Anons.”
– He became interested in NFTs after reading a Quora article in 2017 and eventually minted his first NFT in 2019.
– Kane’s personal tragedy, the loss of a close friend to suicide, played a significant role in his artistic journey.
– Coding became a way for him to distract his mind from the pain and express himself.
– Kane’s work focuses on color, history, and time.
– His collection “Gazers” draws inspiration from caveman days and acts as a lunar calendar for the blockchain.
– Notable sales of Kane’s artwork include “CryptoArt Monetization Generation,” “Surfacing Water Lilies IV,” and “Gazers #550.”
– Kane mentions AwfulEye and Panter Xhita as notable NFT artists to watch.
– He enjoys Italian disco and Giorgio Moroder’s music while creating art.
– You can find Kane on Twitter (@MattKaneArtist), Instagram (@mattkaneartist), and his website (
– The article was written by Greg Oakford, co-founder of NFT Fest Australia.

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