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Pro-crypto RFK Jr. leaves Democrats to campaign for U.S. president as independent

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– Pro-crypto candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., known as RFK Jr., announced on October 9 that he is dropping his bid for the Democratic nomination and will run for president as an independent.
– Kennedy has expressed support for cryptocurrency and aims to make the U.S. a global hub of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin.
– He plans to back the USD with “hard currency” such as gold, silver, platinum, and Bitcoin.
– Kennedy has been critical of the Federal Reserve’s FedNow instant payment system and sees it as a step towards financial slavery and political tyranny.
– Polling results from October 2 showed that Kennedy would be the strongest independent candidate in modern U.S. election history, with the support of 19% of the electorate.
– The Kennedy name has been associated with the Democratic Party, but RFK Jr.’s positions on various issues have alienated him from the party mainstream and his own family.
– RFK Jr.’s views on cryptocurrency align with those of Republican presidential contender Ron DeSantis, who opposes FedNow and CBDCs and supports Bitcoin.
– Biden and Trump lead the polls for the two main U.S. parties, suggesting that the next president may be a crypto opponent supporting CBDCs.

RFK Jr., a pro-crypto candidate, has decided to run for U.S. president as an independent, leaving behind the Democratic Party. He aims to make America the global hub of cryptocurrency, back the USD with “hard currency” including Bitcoin, and opposes the Federal Reserve’s FedNow instant payment system. Polling results showed his popularity as an independent candidate. RFK Jr.’s views on crypto align with those of Ron DeSantis, a Republican contender. The next president may be a crypto opponent supporting CBDCs, despite industry suggestions that crypto will be a decisive issue for voters in the 2024 presidential election.

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