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Inflation and war impact markets, but Paul Tudor Jones says, ‘I love Bitcoin and gold’

– Investing legend Paul Tudor Jones is bearish on stocks but bullish on gold and Bitcoin (BTC).
– He cites the potential for an escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas and subpar fiscal conditions in the United States as the main reasons for his sentiment.
– Geopolitical conflicts can exacerbate macro uncertainty, potentially leading to a risk-off sentiment in financial markets.
– The yield curve, specifically the inversion of the curve between the yields of the 2-year and 10-year Treasury Bonds, has historically been a predictor of recession.
– The 2s/10s yield curve for US Treasuries hit a low of 109.5 basis points (BPS) in July, indicating a potential economic slowdown.
– Higher rates set by the Federal Reserve to fight inflation have added stress to the banking system.
– Gold and BTC have remained resilient amidst the market chaos.
– Paul Tudor Jones maintains a 5% allocation to BTC and sees gold and BTC as safe-haven bids during uncertain times.
– Time will tell if his bearish call for equities plays out or if risk-on sentiment prevails.

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