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  • Fox Business producer Eleanor Terrett is gaining recognition in the crypto community.
  • She warns about social media impersonators and scammers using her name.
  • Terrett does not offer stock trading or crypto trading tips.
  • Some impersonators have amassed thousands of followers.
  • Terrett’s fame comes from her coverage of the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit.
  • She receives requests for paid sponsorships but is not currently interested.

Fox Business producer Eleanor Terrett, who has gained recognition in the crypto community, warns about being targeted by social media impersonators. She frequently tweets to remind her followers that she does not have a private profile and will never reach out to them. While some impersonators scam people with offers of trading strategies, Terrett emphasizes that she does not provide stock trading or crypto trading tips. She expresses surprise at the number of followers these impersonators have.

Terrett has gained fame through her coverage of the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit. She currently has over 90,000 followers on Twitter. Her growing fanbase has led to requests for paid sponsorships, but she is not interested at the moment. She acknowledges that she receives many partnership requests.

  • Terrett volunteers at an animal shelter and loves animals.
  • She highlights receiving a follow and shoutout from Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.
  • Terrett focuses on the legal and regulatory aspects of crypto rather than price analysis.
  • She keeps a close watch on U.S. government officials and crypto exchange CEOs on Twitter.
  • Terrett refrains from making price predictions but shares updates and insights on crypto assets.
  • She predicts that the SEC’s recent losses in crypto enforcement cases will lead to a more transparent industry.
  • Terrett highlights the dismissal of the Uniswap class-action lawsuit as a step forward for the industry.
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