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Busy week for Uniswap, and Platypus recovers 90% of hacked funds: Finance Redefined

  • The popular decentralized exchange platform Uniswap announced a 0.15% swap fee starting on Oct. 17 and faced controversy over the introduction of Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  • Platypus Finance managed to recover 90% of the funds it lost to an exploit.
  • The layer-2 zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) “Scroll” launched its mainnet.
  • The top 100 DeFi tokens had a bullish week, with a majority of the tokens recording double-digit gains on the weekly charts.

Ethereum LSDFi sector grew nearly 60x since January in post-Shapella surge: CoinGecko

The Ethereum liquid staking derivatives finance (LSDFi) ecosystem has grown by 58.7x since January. LSD protocols accounted for 43.7% of the total ETH staked, with Lido having the largest market share.

Ethereum layer-2 zkEVM “Scroll” confirms mainnet launch

Scroll, a new contender in the zkEVM space, has confirmed the launch of its mainnet. Existing Ethereum applications and developer tool kits can migrate to this new scaling solution.

Platypus Finance recovers 90% of assets lost in exploit

DeFi protocol Platypus Finance recovered 90% of assets stolen in a security breach last week. The net loss was limited to 18,000 AVAX worth $167,400 at the time.

Uniswap charges 0.15% swap fees beginning Oct. 17

Decentralized exchange Uniswap started charging a 0.15% swap fee on certain tokens in its web application and wallet.

KYC hook for Uniswap v4 stirs community controversy

A new hook available for Uniswap v4 hooks is sparking controversy within the crypto community. The hook enables KYC checks before users can trade in token pools.

DeFi market overview

The top 100 DeFi tokens had a bullish week, with most tokens trading in the green on weekly charts. However, the total value locked into DeFi protocols dropped to $43.81 billion.

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