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“Exploring the World of Non-Fungible Tokens with a NFT Creator” – Cointelegraph Magazine

A self-proclaimed jack of all trades and master of none, OSF has become a prolific figure in the non-fungible token world in just over two years, trading his former life at Barclay’s to focus full-time on web3, his digital art pursuits, his PFP project Rekt Guy and living the life of a degen collector.

Bullet Points:

  • OSF is a self-taught coder and artist who has been featured at Sotheby’s and has sold multiple pieces for six figures
  • He describes himself most as an artist and project founder and hates the idea of constraining himself to one thing
  • He loves nostalgia and capturing moments over time and considers art as a fantastic way of achieving that
  • He is inspired by XCOPY’s style of art and his ability to capture culture
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