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6 Questions for Adelle Nazarian on Cryptocurrency, Journalism, and Bitcoin

– Adelle Nazarian, the CEO of American Blockchain PAC, shares her background in journalism and her transition into the crypto industry.
– She speaks about her Persian roots and her desire to work in a role that contributes to people’s betterment.
– Adelle discusses her experience in journalism and how it has become divisive and activist-oriented.
– She explains her belief in Bitcoin as a way to provide opportunities for people worldwide to improve their lives.
– Adelle talks about the American Blockchain PAC and its mission to support blockchain technology and educate people about crypto.
– She reveals her favorite cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and discusses its significance in the digital assets space.
– Adelle shares her thoughts on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and the importance of Bitcoin’s vision.
– She reveals her hobbies and interests, including her love for food, working out, reading, and traveling.

1) Your family fled from Iran before the Iranian Revolution, but you’ve never visited. Do you speak Farsi? Tell us more about your background.

– Adelle’s parents emigrated from Tehran, Iran, to the United States when they were young.
– She was raised speaking Farsi and English and also speaks Mandarin Chinese and French.
– Adelle dreams of visiting Iran someday, especially Isfahan, where her grandparents were born and raised.

2) You used to work in journalism — at Fox News, CNN, and elsewhere. Why’d you make the transition into crypto?

– Adelle found journalism to be divisive and activist-oriented, straying from reporting the facts.
– She considers herself an entrepreneur and philanthropist at heart and saw the blockchain space as a platform to utilize her experience and work with diverse people.
– Adelle believes Bitcoin can provide opportunities for people globally and reduce governments’ reliance on war.

3) Tell us about the American Blockchain PAC.

– The American Blockchain PAC aims to define crypto and Bitcoin’s regulatory framework and educate people about their potential.
– It supports candidates who promote blockchain technology and advocates for the adoption of digital assets.
– The PAC also works to counteract legislation that could harm the crypto industry.

4) What’s your favorite crypto?

– Adelle’s favorite cryptocurrency is Bitcoin because of its unique characteristics and its recognition as not being a security by the SEC.
– She acknowledges the potential of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum but believes Bitcoin started the revolution we are witnessing today.

5) Does it matter if we ever figure out who Satoshi really is or was? Why, or why not?

– Adelle highlights that there are many fake claimants to Satoshi’s identity, but the real Satoshi is alive and not a Japanese man.
– She believes Bitcoin’s origins were driven by the need to avoid trusted third parties and banks controlling consumer funds.
– Adelle emphasizes that the vision behind Bitcoin is crucial, as it can pave the way for new industries benefiting from blockchain technology.

6) What do you do in your free time?

– Adelle enjoys exploring different cuisines and can cook recipes from all over the world.
– She also finds pleasure in working out, reading, and traveling.

Source: Coinpostman

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