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Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney can’t be Satoshi Nakamoto, new analysis suggests

  • Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney competed in a 10-mile race while Satoshi Nakamoto was sending emails and transacting on Bitcoin.
  • Speculation that Finney was the creator of Bitcoin has been refuted by new evidence.
  • Jameson Lopp, a cypherpunk and co-founder of Bitcoin custody firm Casa, presents evidence that casts doubt on the theory.
  • Lopp’s evidence includes timestamps of emails exchanged between Nakamoto and Mike Hearn during the time Finney was racing.
  • On-chain data also supports Lopp’s claim, showing Nakamoto’s transaction timed during Finney’s race.
  • Analysis reveals that Satoshi was active on forums and working on code during a time when Finney’s ALS limited his ability to use a keyboard.
  • Lopp acknowledges objections to the evidence but argues that Bitcoin’s creation came from a single developer.
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