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Incredible rags-to-riches tale of Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal – Cointelegraph Magazine

Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal has an incredible rags-to-riches tale, from his childhood living in a ghetto to launching the $6-billion Polygon blockchain.

He was born in a farming village in 1987 with no electricity called Ramnagar in the foothills of the Himalayas. His parents moved to Delhi when he was four and settled in the poor settlements on the east banks of the Yamuna river.

During his childhood, Nailwal witnessed the struggles of his family, including his father’s alcoholism and gambling. He also had to take care of his baby brother when he was just 10 years old after a tragic accident.

Despite the challenges, Nailwal was determined to succeed and started selling pens as a teenager, followed by tutoring other students. He pursued a degree in computer science and engineering and became interested in Bitcoin after the 2016 halving event.

He founded Matic Network (now Polygon) in 2018 to address Ethereum’s scaling problems. The project faced financial difficulties but managed to raise funds through Binance Launchpad. Today, Nailwal and Polygon have achieved significant success in the cryptocurrency industry.

Nailwal’s ultimate goal is to make Polygon have the same impact as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Part two of the story will delve into how Polygon became one of the key players in the industry and Nailwal’s plans for its future.

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