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Some Multichain transactions are confirmed as queue unwinds

– Hacked cross-chain protocol Multichain has confirmed some transactions, and its backlog of queued transactions has declined to only a single transaction, according to data from Multichain’s explorer tool.
– Blockchain data confirms that some of the transactions have been confirmed on the destination chain, while others show as confirmed in the Multichain explorer but not on the destination chain.
– Browsers with the Metamask wallet extension currently show a warning when users attempt to view the Multichain explorer, due to the fact that the protocol has been hacked. However, it can be viewed with a browser that does not have a Web3 wallet installed. Coinpostman does not recommend connecting to Multichain with a wallet app, and the site itself may also be unsafe.
– The transactions appear to be coming from a small number of addresses, indicating that they may be an attempt by the attacker to move funds or else part of a recovery effort by the team. As of 9:30 pm UTC, only a single transaction is listed as pending on Multichain’s explorer.
– According to the Multichain block explorer, transactions started confirming at approximately 9 am on November 1.
– Some transactions have been confirmed on the destination chain. For example, a deposit of approximately 20 DAI was made from Ethereum to Avalanche, which was confirmed on Avalanche at 1:56 pm UTC. However, a deposit of 0.1 BTC that was made from Ethereum to Polygon at 2:44 shows as confirmed on the Multichain block explorer but has not been confirmed on Polygon.
– Blockchain analytics platform Cyvers detected the resumption of transactions in the morning, and posted the info to X (formerly Twitter).
– Some of the sending accounts show multiple transactions on November 1, indicating that the sender was confident that the protocol would work correctly.
– This is a developing story, and further information will be added as it becomes available.

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