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[bulleted list] – Bitcoin (BTC) surged above $35,000 on Nov. 2 but quickly fell back below, indicating a potential fake move.
– A mild correction during an uptrend is normal and can be seen as a buying opportunity.
– MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor suggested that the current level of BTC is a good entry point.
– Bitcoin’s weakness has affected the altcoin market as well.
– Let’s analyze the top 10 cryptocurrencies to find potential support levels.
– Bitcoin’s price is currently struggling to sustain above $35,000 and may fall to $33,390 or even $31,000.
– Ether’s price faced strong selling at higher levels but may rally towards $2,000 if it overcomes the obstacle at $1,865.
– Binance Coin (BNB) is stuck between $223 and $235, but the path of least resistance seems to be upside.
– XRP is facing resistance near $0.61, but if bulls break through, the rally could extend to $0.75 and $0.85.
– Solana (SOL) had a sharp pullback from its target objective at $48 and may enter a consolidation phase if it falls below $38.79.
– Cardano (ADA) shows strength as bulls continue to view dips as buying opportunities.
– Dogecoin (DOGE) rebounded off the 20-day EMA but is facing strong resistance at $0.07.
– TON is facing strong resistance at $2.31, but a strong rebound may push the price towards $2.59.
– Chainlink (LINK) is struggling to sustain above $11.50, and a slide below the 20-day EMA could result in a retest of $9.50.
– Polygon (MATIC) has been moving up gradually but lacks momentum, and the bears may challenge the resistance at $0.70.

[/bulleted list] Bitcoin’s strength has a direct impact on the altcoin market. Let’s analyze the charts of some of the top altcoins to find important support levels.
[h2]Bitcoin price analysis[/h2] Bitcoin surged above $35,280 on Nov. 1 but faced resistance at $35,985. If the price falls below $35,000, it may drop to $33,390 or even $31,000. However, if the 20-day EMA holds, the bulls may attempt to push the price to $40,000.

[h2]Ether price analysis[/h2] Ether briefly moved above $1,865 but faced strong selling pressure. The bulls need to defend the support level at $1,746 to maintain the positive trend. If they succeed, a rally towards $2,000 is possible.

[h2]BNB price analysis[/h2] BNB is currently stuck between $223 and $235. The rising 20-day EMA and positive RSI suggest that the path of least resistance is to the upside. A break above $235 could push the price towards $250 and $265.

[h2]XRP price analysis[/h2] XRP is facing resistance near $0.61, but the bulls have not given up. A breakthrough could lead to a rally towards $0.75 and $0.85. However, a drop below $0.56 may result in a decline towards the 50-day SMA.

[h2]Solana price analysis[/h2] Solana saw a pullback from the target objective at $48. If the bears succeed in pushing the price below $38.79, it could start a downward move towards the 20-day EMA. Upside continuation is possible if the support at $38.79 holds.

[h2]Cardano price analysis[/h2] Cardano rebounded from the 20-day EMA and is showing strength. If the price breaks above $0.33, it may rally towards $0.38. A drop below $0.30, however, could indicate a rejection of higher levels.

[h2]Dogecoin price analysis[/h2] Dogecoin rebounded from the 20-day EMA but is facing resistance at $0.07. A breakout may lead to a rally towards $0.08, while a drop below the 20-day EMA may result in a decline to $0.06.

[h2]TONcoin price analysis[/h2] TON faced resistance at $2.31 and may swing between $1.89 and $2.31. A strong rebound could lead to a rally above $2.31, while a break below the moving averages may result in consolidation.

[h2]Chainlink price analysis[/h2] Chainlink is facing resistance near $11.50, but bulls are defending the 20-day EMA. A strong rebound from this level may indicate strong demand, while a slide below the 20-day EMA could lead to a retest of $9.50.

[h2]Polygon price analysis[/h2] Polygon’s rally lacks momentum, indicating hesitation among bulls. If the price clears the hurdle at $0.70, a rally towards $0.74 and $0.80 is possible. The bears are currently challenging the resistance at $0.70.

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