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private accounts, tokenization, and healthcare infrastructure grab investors’ attention

– Blockchain-based startups are still receiving funding during the current bear market.
– MetaMask partner Blockaid raised $33 million in October.
– Overall funding in the crypto industry has dropped to levels last seen in 2020, with $2.1 billion raised over 297 deals in Q3 2023.
– Investors are taking a closer look at projects before investing and seeking tangible real-world applications.
– The Nature Science Journal discussed the potential applications of blockchain technology, particularly praising decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for supporting underfunded scientific research.
– In October, several projects raised capital:
– Untangled Finance raised $13.5 million to bring private credit on-chain.
– Nocturne raised $6 million for private accounts on Ethereum.
– Account Labs secured $7.7 million for the UniPass Wallet app.
– Rymedi raised $9 million to expand blockchain-based healthcare infrastructure.
– Waterfall Network raised $2 million for its mainnet launch.
– These projects aim to bring innovative solutions and advancements to various industries such as finance, privacy, and healthcare.

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