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Pop Social joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

The growth of social media has made it possible for everyone to become a content creator. [….]

– Pop Social is a Web3-friendly social media platform that combines SocialFi, Web3, and artificial intelligence to address the challenges faced by content creators
– The platform aims to eliminate creator exploitation by providing fair compensation and rewards for user engagement
– Pop Social plans to diversify its revenue streams to ensure a sustainable financial foundation

Using an on-chain unique profile ID and enabling users to bring their own IDs from other decentralized protocols, Pop Social goes all in for true content ownership. [….]

– Pop Social aims to create a vibrant and inclusive social ecosystem by focusing on social recovery, user-controlled data privacy, and transparent content moderation policies
– Pop Labs, an integral part of the Pop Social ecosystem, operates as a launchpad for innovation and project initiatives
– Pop Social has been welcomed as a participant in Cointelegraph Accelerator due to its disruptive potential in the Web3-native social decentralized applications (DApps) sector

“We envision a future where Social, Web3, and AI convergence redefines how we interact, create, and thrive in the digital realm,” Michael Shen, CEO of Pop Social, told Cointelegraph. “At the heart of this vision is empowering individuals, content creators, and communities through a seamlessly integrated ecosystem.”

“SocialFi should aim to create an exciting and inclusive ecosystem where users, creators, and communities thrive financially while reaping the benefits of a decentralized, transparent, and secure social experience.”

Cointelegraph Accelerator welcomes Pop Social as a participant in its growing roster of promising projects. [….]

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