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**Yet another Crypto Scandal in Hong Kong**

– Scammers posed as investment experts and convinced 145 individuals to invest $18.9 million into the unlicensed Hong Kong crypto exchange, Hounax.
– The Securities & Futures Exchange (SFC) of Hong Kong listed Hounax on the suspicious crypto exchanges’ billboard but clarified that it was not subjected to regulatory actions due to being unlicensed at the time of the incident.
– This was the second crypto exchange scandal in Hong Kong in recent months. Despite these issues, Hong Kong regulators remain devoted to developing the city as a significant Web3 hub.

**Foreign Banks Join e-CNY Pilot Testing**

– Four foreign banks including Standard Chartered, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, and Taiwan-based Fubon Bank have started testing the digital yuan in cross-border transactions.
– These banks will also integrate digital yuan transfer services for their clients and allow them to deposit and withdraw digital yuan.

**HTX Back to Normal**

– HTX exchange (formerly Huobi Global) has reopened deposits and withdrawals following a hot wallet hack that resulted in a loss of $30 million.
– The exchange assured to compensate for the losses and guarantee the safety of user funds. Additionally, they announced a special airdrop in December to reward loyal users.

**Author: Zhiyuan Sun**

– Zhiyuan Sun is a journalist at Coinpostman focusing on technology-related news. He has years of experience writing for major financial media outlets such as The Motley Fool, Nasdaq.com, and Seeking Alpha.

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